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Public Liability Insurance Policy

At Firstlink we strive to always offer clients relevant, current and the best coverage solutions available globally.

Most businesses require this policy as they interact with the public (customers, visitors and other third parties). The policy provides financial protection for costs your business is legally liable for due to claims by third parties for injuries, illness, death and property damage
attributed to your business. This includes incidents at your business premises and locations related to your work, such as a client’s home. Some regulatory authorities and industry associations might require you to have a certain level of public liability insurance in place.
Public Liability insurance can be customised to suit all industries with specific extensions and scope of coverage relevant to all sectors.

Some common examples of everyday incidents that give rise to public liability claims:

1. A client parks at the designated area at your premises and an old tree in
your premises falls and damages their car.
2. In a store or shop, staff clean the floor and forget to put wet floor warning
signs. A customer slips and falls incurring injuries.
3. Your public kitchen cooks a batch of food that leads to many purchasing
clients falling sick.