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Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy

At Firstlink we strive to always offer clients relevant, current and the best coverage solutions available globally.

What is Electronic equipment Insurance Policy

This policy covers the cost to repair or replace electronic equipment such as computers, servers, printers and similar office machinery in case of damage or theft.

Key cover inclusions:

  • a. Material Damage – Cost to either repair or replace your electronic
    equipment following a breakdown.
    b. External Data Media – Cost of replacing or repairing damage to
    external data media like hard drivesinclusive of the information stored
    on them.
    c. Data Reconstruction – the cost incurred for reconstructing data
    following loss.
    d. Increased Cost of Working – cover for the increased cost of working
    following material loss or damage by indemnifying the cost of hiring
    other equipment. For example, a laptop is stolen, and you temporarily
    hire another one so that work continues.
    e. Business interruption – cover for financial loss sustained by the
    business during the indemnity period due to an event covered under
    the Material Damage section.