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Commercial Crime

At Firstlink we strive to always offer clients relevant, current and the best coverage solutions available globally.

Commercial crime insurance provides protection from financial losses due to
crimes such as theft by employees, forgery, robbery, and electronic crime
whether acting alone or in collusion with third parties.
It offers a wider scope of cover to the traditional Fidelity Guarantee policy as it
also provides cover for:
• Theft, damage, or destruction of money, securities, and/or other property
• Forgery or alteration of negotiable instruments, including forging of the
insured’s signature on business checks.
• Fraudulent manipulation of the insured’s computer system, including a
hacker transferring funds to an outside account.
• Fraudulent electronic funds transfer instructions sent to the insured’s
bank purporting to be from the insured.
• Receipt of counterfeit currency by the insured.
• Social engineering fraud