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Professional Indemnity Insurance

At Firstlink we strive to always offer clients relevant, current and the best coverage solutions available globally.

There are various types of professional indemnity insurance policies unique to industry occupations for instance a policy for Doctors differs with that for Lawyers, Architects or Insurance Brokers. Where a professional service provider causes a loss, they are liable to compensate the clients and third parties affected. This policy protects against financial losses arising from the provision of professional services including defence costs and expenses.

However, the following are common forms of cover under the various
professional indemnity arrangements:
• civil liability actions as a result of negligent duty or omission
• mitigation costs
• unintentional breach of intellectual property rights
• unintentional breach of confidentiality
• libel or slander
• dishonest, fraudulent or malicious acts or omission by covered people
• innocent non-disclosure
• joint ventures
• loss of documents