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Critical Illness Insurance Policy

At Firstlink we strive to always offer clients relevant, current and the best coverage solutions available globally.

Critical Illness Insurance cover pays a lump sum benefit if you suffer one
of the defined illnesses on your policy. Illnesses differ according to type of
policy but usually include Cancers, Kidney failure and Liver failure among
others. No matter your age or occupation, it is important to consider this cover
for yourself. If you have a family history of illnesses such as Cancer, you
have an even greater reason to get this cover. Critical Illness funds can be
used for any purpose you choose, including specialist or alternative
medical treatment, or to make lifestyle and diet changes.

The level of cover you require is completely up to you, but you may consider the following:

• Do you currently have adequate medical cover or financial stability
   for a critical illness?
• Do you have dependents (e.g. spouse, children or extended family)
   who are reliant on your income?
• Whether or not you have continuing obligations e.g. mortgage
   which will need to be paid regardless of whether you are sick.
• What is the standard of health care that you would require should
   you have a critical illness?